Online Security – Protecting our School Children

depressed child sitting on the floor of her bedroom suffering from Online Abuse.

Online Safety Training (primary schools)

Cyber bullying

How social media can lead to positive and negative actions, how cyber-bullying occurs, identifying the signs and how to raise awareness. How social media can be turned into positive actions.

Social media

The benefits and dangers of popular social media apps such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat.

Apps that can help you, how information can be leaked without your knowledge and used against you, and the current trend amongst paedophiles using social media.


Raising the awareness of how children are coerced into sharing indecent images via messaging apps. Often the victims are then blackmailed into sharing further images, for financial gain, or to influence someone or a situation.

Practical advice on how to reduce the risk, to prevent images being distributed, and the steps you should take should be the victim of such a crime.

Dangerous apps targeted by paedophiles

Additional advice on the current trend amongst paedophiles, how online apps are used to identify and groom children into sharing indecent content or to facilitate meeting the offender in person.

Online Safety Training (secondary schools)

Photo of cyberharassment female victim using laptop

As above and also includes:

Email addresses, Passwords and Data leakage

Are passwords secure? How an email address can reveal a vast amount of personal information that can be used for crime.

Current trends in online criminality

An awareness of the Dark Web, crime that occurs there, how personal information can be bought and used against you. Dark Web markets and the dangers contained within the Dark Web.

Understanding your online presence

An awareness of the information you provide when you’re online, how it can be used to identify your true identity and how you can mitigate the risk.

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