Fancy a change of scenery for your next meeting or networking event?

Orangebox Training Solutions has something just for you.

Whether you want to have a private one-to-one or a get-together of up to 50 people then Tranquility House – the proud home of Orangebox since the summer of 2021 – can cater for you.

Tranquility House has had a complete refresh. Orangebox has breathed new life in to a fantastic four-storey building. 

It is now an exciting local businesses centre. Not only is it a fantastic home to Bella Marie Beauty Academy, Combined Utilities, Smith & Graham Solicitors and Eden Digital Systems, Orangebox has worked wonders with the top two floors.

Tranquility House’s new classrooms and meeting rooms have undergone a huge transformation through support from the Tees Valley Business Growth Fund funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

Glen Hughes, the marketing manager of Orangebox, said: “This has been an iconic building and one that stood unoccupied for a number of months. It has since been refurbished from top to bottom, structurally too to make it a more flexible business centre.”

On-site based Eden Digital Systems has installed wifi throughout and there is a superfast broadband connection available for those who hire out training/meeting rooms. There is also catering and refreshments available as an extra.

Tranquility House, with a modern reception area as you walk in, is split into east and west wings with panoramic views of the marina from huge windows and balconies in some areas.  

Rooms to hire …


Beautifully situated overlooking the heart of Hartlepool Marina, with balcony access points from the two main, largest rooms.

Marina View East

Its conference style set-up can host up to 50 people, while the boardroom set-up caters for around 30. Ideal for business meetings, whether those are breakfast gatherings, training courses or evening classes and events. 

* air-conditioned

* Ceiling mounted projector provides opportunity for smaller groups or conference style

* a 75-inch smart PC allows for larger groups

* Great flexibility for numbers

* One suite has option of two break-out rooms

* wifi and a superfast broadband connection available

Price: £175 per day for up to 20 people and £250 per day for over 20 people.


Situated to the rear of Tranquility House, these rooms have been deliberately designed for smaller meetings for up to ten people with views of the harbour.

Harbour View West

* air-conditioned

* a mobile 75-inch smart PC on wheels 

* flexibility in lay-out

* wifi and a superfast broadband connection available

Price: £100 for up to 10 per day


Based on the top floor with a stunning view of the Marina, this is a smaller, more intimate room with a boardroom table ideal for those more detailed discussions for up to eight people. Also allows for virtual meetings.


* air-conditioned

* a mobile 75-inch smart PC on wheels, allowing flexibility

* direct access to a Marina balcony and stunning views

* wifi and a superfast broadband connection available

Price: £150 per day for up to eight people; £100 for half a day


Tranquility House has two smaller rooms for up to four people. These suites are also ideal for hot-desking which has become an even more popular trend in modern business.

The larger room has access to a balcony overlooking Hartlepool Marina and Headland, while the smaller room’s window has similar views.

Meeting Room 1

* round table and chairs

* whiteboard 

* wifi and a superfast broadband connection available

Price: £15 per hour

To book any of our rooms contact 01429717000 or email

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