Briefing and De-Briefing

Briefing and De-Briefing

Orangebox deliver a 3 hour Briefing and De-Briefing course that ensures both personnel and organisations will benefit.

Our trainers have delivered live briefings and debriefs all over the world on various operations. The course teaches the corporate approach to Briefing and De-Briefing of events using real life experiences. The primary purpose of any debriefing process is to identify areas from which lessons can be learnt, identifying good practice and to implement procedures for improvement.

As a result of the debriefing process any lessons to be learnt will be captured and reviewed in a structured and timely manner to ensure that all those affected can benefit from the learning. The aim of this training is to facilitate personal, group and organisational learning and development.
Briefings and De-Briefings can be used as a tool to improve processes and will provide personal and organisational learning.
Briefings should be held prior to any operation and will be based upon the “IIMARCHD” briefing process and an operational order will be prepared as a basis for any briefing. A debrief will be held at the conclusion of the operation and it will be the responsibility of the person in charge to ensure that the de-brief takes place.

A debrief will answer the following three questions:

  1. How well prepared was the force?
  2. How well did we do?
  3. How can we do better next time?


If you require any further information or would like to book a course please contact or telephone our office on 01429 874530

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