Foot Surveillance

Foot Surveillance

Foot Surveillance is an in-depth 3 day course which is aimed at those wanting to gain access to the private and commercial surveillance industry or those whom already have a basic understanding of surveillance and would like to add to their skills, knowledge and abilities.

“Surveillance” as a discipline is extremely broad with a variety of disciplines, practitioners and sectors. This course is industry specific and will furnish its successful applicants with the skills needed to gain employment and operate successfully as within the field. The course details the skills needed to carry out all aspects of foot surveillance.

The Orangebox training team have taught covert Policing tactics for a number of year around the world.

The course syllabus is focused on developing the skills necessary to operate covertly and successfully as a foot surveillance operative. The course combines classroom based theory and practical outdoor scenario based exercises in order to develop the knowledge gained in the classroom and give an accurate taste of the daily situations likely to be encountered. The syllabus will take each applicant from a working knowledge of the industry as a whole, through the equipment and skills needed to operate professionally. It will then focus on enhancing those skills, detailing their relevance in several scenarios.


If you require any further information or would like to book a course please contact or telephone our office on 01429 874530

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