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Never overlook Professional Development, for many of us in self-isolation, it can feel like the coronavirus has put the world on hold as we wait for release from our temporary imprisonment.

But increasing numbers of people are using the time to build their skill set, with an upsurge in enrolments on our online learning platform.

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Devoting some of our quarantine time or quiet work time to self-education makes sense. Besides helping to bolster your career during this economic uncertainty, learning a new skill can give you a sense of control that will help cope with anxiety engendered by the epidemic.

The specifics vary from platform to platform, though many follow the same basic model. With our online platform you can choose nationally accredited courses – so you know you are being taught by experts in the field. The courses are of varying lengths – from a few hours to a regular, weekly commitment over consecutive months.

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Alternatively, we offer online webinars on popular platforms such as Zoom to Microsoft Teams that allow large numbers of people to access certified awareness sessions usually ran over short 20mins sessions or over an hour. To in-depth Management Programmes, delivered over who days with activities and live chat.

For some, this may be just the start of the journey – furnishing you with greater confidence to learn and the motivation to take it further with more in-depth face to face training.

Either way, Orangebox Training has lots to offer by proven and highly experienced trainers, who have experience from decades in the industry, and who know the real difference between a good training provider and one that can deliver brilliance. 

We’re only interested in Brilliance

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