The Best Classroom Roofed only by the Sky

The Best Classroom Roofed only by the Sky!  Forest Schools are a great way for schools and early years settings to embraced the outdoors.
This brand new day course 🌲🌳☘️🌲 An Introduction to Forest Schools 🌲🌳☘️🌲 is delivered by Orangebox Training Solutions Limited.
This one day course gives you a basic understanding with an afternoon of carousel activities.  It has been developed to give schools access to Forest School training that doesn’t mean releasing staff for days/weeks to carry out training. 

It’s not meant to compete with accredited level2/3 courses but to give all staff a greater understand of the main key Forest School Principles that will stand staff well who want to take it further with Practitioner or Leader Qualifications.

#introduction to Forest School Principles aimed at any EYFS – KS4 schools/settings to give an overview of the principles and some basic outdoor activities.
Full course is detailed in the graphic and costs £1500 [for up to 15 learners]
Contact the team for more information.
01429 717000 opt3
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