Tackling skills shortages in UK with a drop of Orangebox High Juice.

Tackling skills shortages in UK with a drop of Orangebox High Juice.

Orangebox Training Solutions Ltd.

Orangebox Training Solutions Ltd.


Current Labour Market Issues

The UK is suffering from an acute shortage of skills. When the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) conducted its Spring 2022 Labour Market Outlook survey, it found that 45% of employers are struggling to recruit the skills they need, reporting a high number of hard-to-fill vacancies.

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Brexit, COVID-19, The Great Resignation and digital transformation have compounded historic skills shortages. Any of these factors in isolation would create problems for organisations – add them all together and no wonder there’s a skills crisis.

Due to this, the amount paid on recruitment fell from £6.3 billion in 2018 to £4.4 billion in 2019. The majority (68 per cent) of employers are unable to find the right candidate that fit in to the role and so are turning away from recruitment.

A Drop of High Juice – The Orangebox Way

Orangebox Training use their Sector Based Work Academies to deal with this skill shortage which helps to overcome obstacles that may present themselves in the current labour market.

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Since 2018 Orangebox Training has offered Sector Based Work Academies helping up-skill unemployed people back into work by offering qualification and skills bespoke to different sectors. This allows them to help bridge that skills gap by training candidates with the skills needed for the positions available.

They have had huge success with the Manufacturing, Warehouse, Customer Service, Taxi, and Security Sectors by fine tuning and making there offer as effective and streamlined as possible. To the point where 86% of learners who complete the academies go in to Full or Part Time positions. A stat it is something which they are very very proud of.

The Academy

Having secured ESF and AEB funding including a direct contract with Tees Valley Combined Authority they are in a position to offer clients Sector Based Work Academies for free [fully funded], thus saving you money in your recruitment budget to use elsewhere within L&D or other part of your business.

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Orangebox would then bespoke the Academy to fit a specific sector by including training courses that fit job roles. Something they are helping Strabag in Hartlepool at the moment, helping recruit 100 staff member at their new site in Hartlepool, County Durham. Contracts have been secured to help build tunnel sections for the HS2 line.

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Included in Orangebox Training’s service would be full recruitment, a 1/2 week academy up skilling learners with accredited and certified courses and the option of as much or a little involvement from the company. Then all that is asked is that the client interview each learner who has completed. Clients are then not obliged to take anyone on but if you do like the caliber of interviewee then that is where Orangebox Training input stops. As you can see completely free service with no recruitment fees.


We have to accept that the UK is suffering from an acute shortage of skills and this is one way companies can help fill positions they have available. We are not stating it will solve the issue but it can help get companies the staff needed to operate and expand in the current climate.

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Orangebox Training would love to hear from you and go over our core offer as well as other paid Professional Development courses that are currently setting the world alight.

Call or email the team on 01429 717000 opt3 or

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