OB Spreads its Wings

The start of a #new week, Orangebox Training begins by spreading its wings further afield. Our Warehousing Academy and Employability Model continue to be a great success.

Over 35 unemployed people will start a journey on becoming employed in full-time roles in various locations and positions.

The learners will be attending a 1-week course upskilling them, giving them the skill and knowledge to pass an interview at the end of the course with one of our many clients who are recruiting.

We have our Warehousing Academies and Employability Models running at:

?Skelmersdale – Warehouse Academy
?Blackpool – Warehouse Academy
?Bradford – Warehouse Academy
?Darlington – Start IT
?Hartlepool – Employability

Hopefully, by the end of the week, we will be helping the national unemployment rate by returning over 35 people back into employment.

If you would like to know more about our model or how we can help recruit for your company 100% no recruitment fee then contact the #team on:

☎️01429 874530

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