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This qualification is devised to provide learners with the recognition of a range of employability skills, whilst at the same time building their confidence and motivation to seek, secure and sustain meaningful employment. The qualification develops and encourages the skills, attributes, behaviours and values that are needed to enter and succeed in the world of work.

Title Reference Credit Value Level
Working as a Team M/600/9936 1 Level 1
Work Experience K/500/5423 3 Level 1
Undertaking an Enterprise Project L/500/5317 3 Level 1
Responsible Work Practice R/503/4897 2 Level 1
Recognising and Respecting Diversity in the Workplace L/503/4896 1 Level 1
Planning and Reviewing Learning L/503/5210 2 Level 1
Oral Presentation Skills F/503/4894 1 Level 1
Health and Safety in a Practical Environment Y/600/3239 1 Level 1
Financial Literacy: Budgeting and Money Management H/602/5941 1 Level 1
Dealing with Problems in daily life L/502/0464 2 Level 1
Customer Care A/503/4893 2 Level 1
Community project T/501/6893 3 Level 1
Communication Skills in Preparing for Work Y/503/5209 2 Level 1
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