Effective Commuication ​at it’s very BEST!

We have our ever popular #flagship course Dynamic Deliveries taking place today with a full cohort. It gives the attendee the skills to become a confident and effective communicator. 

Since mid-2017 we have trained over 2️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ people in this course with ?% feedback. Find that hard to believe please pop into the office and I will show you evaluations for yourself.

It’s no coincidence that this course has such a reputation when the trainer is Simon Corbett, an ex-undercover police office who has worked on many operations in the UK and Europe honing his skills.

Now reap the benefit and book on to a Dynamic Deliveries course. Teachers love it, business leaders love it, graduates love it, and administrators love it. It really does adapt to any situation in any sector. 

So if you want a helping hand with becoming a more confident and effective communicator for that board meeting, keynote, parents evening, assembly, sales call and team meetings then call the team now.

Our next course will be taking place on:

21st June 2019
9:30 till 3:30
Innovation Centre

Only £65.00pp

☎️ 01429 874530

You will be blown away by this course regular evaluated as THE BEST EVER!

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