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This weeks ‘#Course of the #Week‘ comes to you from our very own CEO, Mr Orangebox himself Simon Corbett


A course that has been developed over many years and built upon by his many years of experience as an Undercover Police Officer. 

Putting all the skills together Simon created a tried and tested course that helps you become a more #effective #communicator by giving you a particular set of skills.

It is no secret, getting engagement for a few hours to a whole day can be tough when training especially if the topic is not interesting.

The way slides are designed can have a massive impact on retaining attention. Time and time again I see bad presentations due to ‘death by powerpoint’. Just as guilty is the delivery style, monotone, stale, static, boring.

The answer is Dynamic Deliveries an Effective Communication course is an answer in my opinion. It will enable you to re-evaluate your own presenting skills and existing presentation style and will furnish you with ADDITIONAL skills and techniques. Allowing you to prepare and deliver an excellent presentation that is dynamic, engaging, credible and impactful.

The course has had a proven track record with success in the business and educational sector.


19th July 2019 – Hartlepool Innovation Centre

To book on to this course please ☎️01429 874530 ? ?

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