Building new Partnerships

I Spent a lovely morning visiting the #outstanding setting of Childsplay Nursery in the heart of Newcastle.

So nice catching up with Manager Diane Gregory and Training Manager Jordon Poole discussing how Orangebox Training can help with staff training including:

?Mandatory training ie first aid, fire safety, manual handling.
?Level 2 Fully Funded qualifications ie understanding autism, mental health
?Forest School consultancy
?Documenting Children’s Learning
?plus many more

Plus thank you so much for the guided tour around your outstanding Nursery, you should all be very proud with what you have created.

If you would like me to call out to your setting to discuss how we can help please give me a ring or email on:

?01429 864530

Glen Xx

#eyfs #childcare #nursery #schoolimprovement #education

“It takes a whole village to educate a child” old African Proverb

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