Assertiveness 2 day training course

Orangebox’s Assertiveness Training Courses are carefully designed to have a real and lasting impact on your workplace interpersonal skills.

Working within a team means interacting with others multiple times a day, which is why the ability to manage and influence these interactions so that they are positive and productive is vital, and is what our training is all about.

Communication failure is one of the most common yet largely ignored issues in the workplace. If people don’t clearly understand what you are trying to say then you will get nowhere.

Our two day course will help you master the following key skills:

  • How you are perceived by others, and how to manage that impression.
  • How to manage your response to others and ensure that it is clear and professional.
  • Establishing clear boundaries and learning to say “No”.
  • Establishing rapport rapidly and dealing with conflict and difficult people.

Please call 01429 874530 or contact for more information

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