Anti & Counter Surveillance

This course is designed for those who have experience within the foot and mobile surveillance fields and are looking at reinforcing and expanding their skill set.

Anti & Counter Surveillance Course Duration

24 hours – 3 days

Delivery Method

This course is delivered to learners through classroom tuition and in house demonstration of techniques and involves various hands on examples. A large portion of the course is conducted in “real life” structured scenarios on roads though cities and suburbs. These scenarios commence at generic level and build confidence and competency in the surveillance operatives throughout the course. Individual and team briefings and debriefings are provided on every occasion and where appropriate can be conducted in the field. The course is conducted as safely as possible and is designed to promote confidence in the learners.

Course Information

This course reinforces and practices key techniques which include:

  • The difference between Anti and Counter Surveillance
  • Counter & Anti Surveillance route planning
  • Controlling others who conduct Counter/Anti Surveillance
  • Using observation posts
  • Working in conjunction with CCTV systems
  • Communication
  • Maintaining Operational Safety
  • Maintaining a Sense of Purpose in all situations
  • Use of cover stories, supporting equipment and documentation
  • Maintaining security of self and others

 Course Outcome

At the completion of the course all learners will have attained a level of competency and confidence to be able to perform these techniques and to be able to control and continue their surveillance of others who use counter and anti surveillance techniques.

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