Another busy week!

There is a lot going on here today at Orangebox Training. We have Company Director Simon Corbett delivering our flagship course ‘Dynamic Deliveries’ for Durham Constabulary.

Richie Carr delivering Level 3 First Aid at Work, Rebecca Hodgson delivering our new Level3 Education and Training Qualification onsite in our Innovation Centre Training room.

Next up is Sharon Overs delivering employability training in Seaham for customer service jobs for our client ResQ and Donna Watson delivering our employability and taxi qualification for our client Blueline Taxis in Newcastle.

Not to mention our learners up and down the country carrying out their level 2 distant learning qualifications in partnership with learning curve group.

As you can see we offer such much and more and would love to hear from and help more people. If you have any training requirements then please get in touch with the team on

☎️01429 874530 ????

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