4-day Leadership Management Training Programme

Come onboard, this four-day Leadership Management Training Programme

Orangebox Training Solutions Ltd.
January 12, 2024

The purpose of this outstanding development training is to provide practical help to people who are in leadership and management roles, but who may not have had sufficient training on how to be an effective leader manager. Our team of trainers have a wealth of experience I’m running effective and dynamic teams in a variety of sectors.

Many managers and team leaders were originally employed for their technical skills and experience, and NOT for their innate leadership skills. As a result of a lack of training, some managers make mistakes in the way they relate to other members of the team, and these mistakes may represent a problem.

So, in addition to technical skills your team managers need to perform well as inspirational leaders: which means they need these additional leadership skills:

1.    The Role of a Leader/Manager

2.    Management Styles

3.    Managing Performance

4.    Change Management

5.    Managing Conflict

6.    Assertiveness

7.    Coaching and Mentoring

This five-day leadership development training programme is designed to provide practical training solutions (i.e. to show you exactly what to do; and what NOT to do) in order to get the best performance from yourself, and others.

The course is full of real-life examples. You will learn real-world techniques that will give you a “frame of reference” to develop your personal leadership style.

This leadership and management development programme will help you to develop a productive, professional approach to people management. It will help you to eliminate any weaknesses in your performance as a leader and replace them with a set of solid skills including the importance of self-reflection.

In addition to our training Orangebox can also deploy our consultants within your team where they will observe, assess, coach and mentor during your working day, this greatly assists to create that positive working environment increasing productivity and decreasing negative behaviours. Our consultants guarantee to leave behind a happy motivated team who deliver results

For more information or to book please call the team on:

01429 717000 opt3 or

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