Warehousing Academy

Orangebox’s #warehousing #academy in partnership with Stockton Riverside College is still thriving and offering unemployed people into work.

This is our 10th cohort where we are recruiting for a major supermarket in Tees Port. So far with at around 80% success for learners going directly into employment as Picker/Packers. This academy gives learners the chance to go from being unemployed into direct employment with 8days.

If you want to get onto the employment ladder, attend our 5 days warehousing academy where you will receive a Level2 Warehousing Qualification and interview with a major supermarket.

Final August Academy dates:
?19th August 2019 – in Middlesbrough
?27th August 2019 – in Billingham

Enrol by:
☎️ 01429 874530
? Email :
? Web :

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