Some Amazing 5-star feedback from our latest #flagship course #DynamicDeliveries

Some Amazing 5-star #feeback from our latest #flagship course #DynamicDeliveries for senior leaders at Derwentside College.

Here are few comments from our evaluation forms:

“This was one of my most favourite training courses I have ever been on. Kept m,e engaged throughout and that takes some doing! Thanks to Simon and Lynn for a great 2 days. Hopefully will attend more of Orangebox Training sessions.”

“This is the first time that I have had to make presentations to a room of people. I learnt so much about myself. Simple structure but delivered in a powerful and thought-provoking way.”

“Really enjoyable two days and helped me to reflect upon my delivery style and identify how to improve. I received fantastic, constructive feedback which will help me to improve my own practice.”

“Great, interesting, excellent knowledge and outstanding delivery, grabbed me from the off!

“The course met its objectives very well – we were promised we would improve and we certainly did!”

Just a few comments from Educational Professionals on how Dynamic Deliveries will help them to become effective communicators in any situation.

This could be you on our next ‘open’ courses date of 21st May 2021 in Hartlepool. For more information or to book contact Glen or Claire on 01429 874530 or email


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