Raising the Bar and Bridging the Unemployment Gap

To extend its reach and market share in the employability training sector, Orangebox Training has acquired a new client, in the form of a national supermarket chain. Based in Oxfordshire, this new client adds to the company’s existing client base and its footprint (Offices in Hartlepool, Newcastle, North Tyneside, Lancashire and now Oxfordshire).

The Hartlepool training company, will use its expertise in providing employability training and sector specific training, to get bridge the employment gap. This is part of the supermarket’s plan to expand the business and bring new jobs to the region, especially over the Christmas period.

Orangebox have successfully achieved this from its native North East, with the likes of leading UK Clothing Brands, the Energy Contract Sector and a National Supermarket at Tees Port in Middlesbrough, all contributing to its vastly experienced model. Only last month, we helped 11 unemployed people in to work within a Hartlepool Food Production company.

Simon Corbett, CEO at Orangebox Training, said: “We are operating an established business in the North East. This acquisition solidifies our position in a national sense, delivering employability and mandatory training away from the north east.

We were keen to expand our portfolio, while accelerating our growth in this sector and employability training proved to be an excellent platform to do just that. We strive to provide quality recruitment and training, to give employers the staff needed to run their business. Using our employability model, we have an ambition to provide greater quality, reduce all recruitment costs and improve the staff recruitment process. We are confident that this new client will help us become a company of choice across all aspects of employability in its UK wide portfolio.”

Orangebox was founded in 2016, focussed on delivering mandatory training to local companies in the North East, gradually growing to a wider area, including expanding out to UAE in the education sector. Employability was started in March 2018 working with local call centre companies, offering fully funded recruitment and training. Orangebox also offer a full suite of management training and education courses across the UK.

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Simon Corbett, CEO at Orangebox Training, added: “Since founding the training company back in 20016, we have enjoyed rapid growth, with a number of key clients helping us establish ourselves, as a capable and credible provider of training & recruitment in the employability sector across the UK.

The future looks very bright, you could say it’s ‘Orange’. There certainly is no stopping this North East company as it looks set to expand further in 2020, with its continuing reputation in the recruitment and training sector.

To enquire about the fully funded service that Orangebox Training offers, please call the team on 01429 874530 or email and by visiting their website at

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