Public Speaking/Presentation Skills

Public Speaking/Presentation Skills

Orangebox’s flagship course “Dynamic Deliveries” covers all aspects of effective communication.

It’s definitely very different to any other course on the market.

We guarantee to help conquer nerves and anxiety with a focus on how to deliver a message with confidence.

We had a great time working with a team of lawyers from Walkers Law in Dubai.


The instructor, Simon, was very engaging, funny and brought a different perspective to the subject. I really enjoyed the session and I learned a lot from it as well since the training was focused on practical tips and solutions.

I would highly recommend this course to other lawyers. Simon, the instructor, had a great teaching style and provided useful, personal one-on-one advice that has allowed me to feel better equipped to give presentations confidently.

I genuinely enjoyed every moment of this training – even when being pushed outside of my comfort zone. The content of the training was very useful and the instructor, Simon, was superb.”

“I was really impressed with Simon’s engaging and entertaining approach to the topic of public speaking and the art of delivering dynamic presentations. His ability to convey clear and simple guidance is first rate, and the focus on the practical side of things (we had to deliver 4 short presentations in one day) really helps to implement the tips and tricks provided by Simon.”

“I always used to worry about the content of my presentations. With Simon’s help, I’ve come to learn that a much bigger part of an effective presentation is related to one’s body language, voice and audience interaction. I would definitely recommend Simon and Orangebox for anyone wanting to improve their delivery skills, whether in a work context or any other context.”

“Delivering 4 presentations in a single day sounds nerve-wracking, but Simon makes it light and fun. And the only way to truly see if you’ve learned anything is to put it into practice! By presentation number 4, I was feeling a lot more at ease and assured with my presenting.”

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