Planning for the NEW ACADEMIC YEAR????

Before I embarked on my journey with Orangebox Training, worked in School Improvement Teams for both Durham and Sunderland Local Authorities, working with Consultants, Advisers and SIO’s in Early Years and KeyStage. 

Having left the LA Education Sector I know the challenges schools & headteachers face with #Budget #Cuts, changes to the curriculum and staffing issues etc 

I have tried very hard to make sure Orangebox had a #broad and #effective educational offer that would allow us to help. I realise that in some instances the authority offer is getting less and less so we have put a package together that would help in any situation.

We can #save you money on training that is part of your statutory responsibility such as First Aid, Fire Safety, Food Safety, Safeguarding etc We guarantee that we will save you money on your current provider or SLA with the authority.

Orangebox has access to funding allowing us to supply up to 36 accredited level 2 qualifications allowing you to upskill your staff which won’t affect your budget.

We are continuously adding to our bespoke offer to schools such as Effective Communication, Middle Management Training, De-escalation, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, The Role of the Adult in EYFS, Implement and Impact of an EY Curriculum, Documenting Learning, Conflict Resolution, Putting Pedagogies into Practice, Developing Early Mathematical Thinking, Forest Schools etc.



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