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Financial pressure on schools in England will harm standards, one of the most influential figures in world education has warned.

Tighter school budgets mean “you lose and lack in quality”, said Andreas Schleicher, boss of the PISA global education rankings.

His comments came amid growing concern among educationalists about school funding shortages in England.

In December, the National Audit Office warned that schools in England were facing real terms cuts and head teachers have been warning about having to cut school staff, governors have threatened to refuse to sign off budgets and grammar school leaders have said they might have to start charging parents.

Mr Schleicher, education director of the Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development, which runs the PISA rankings, told the TES that in high performing education systems like China, parents and government prioritised spending on education children.

“They invest in the future,” he said. “The UK has already spent the money on consumption today, that’s where the debt crisis came from.

“It’s a value choice of societies to make. Education really is an important choice; that is the future.

We at Orangebox feel passionately about helping our educational sector in offering free, bespoke and competitively priced mandatory training. We are lucky enough to have two members of staff who have many year’s experience in school improvement. We are constantly reviewing and adding to our educational offer where settings can access it in various forms to help releasing staff and not having to find money for supply costs.

To access any of our fully funded training that is delivered by Learning Curve Group, that won’t affect your budget give the team a ring on 01429 874530 or any training requirements you may have.

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