Orangebox Training Arrives in Luton

Orangebox Arrives in Luton

There could soon be more than 100 new hires in the health and social care sector across Luton and the surrounding areas after the launch of a new academy.

The Luton Care Academy will be powered by Orangebox Training Solutions with a promise of a guaranteed job interview for those who finish each course.

It is a move that means Orangebox is also looking to employ a trainer to deliver back-to-back courses from April 1 in the heart of Luton.

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Simon Corbett, Orangebox’s founder and Chief Executive Officer, is excited to be rolling out the latest stage of his company’s expansion in Bedfordshire at a time when unemployment figures have risen sharply during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We will be training the unemployed in the Luton area,” said Mr Corbett. “With our links to care homes and employers we will be looking to help people get back into work.

“We are here to help. We don’t just want to help people in the North-East where we are based, we want to help people across the country.

“Luton is the latest area across England where we will be working from April 1 having already delivered courses that have led to people in Sheffield, Huddersfield, Manchester as well as in the North-East gaining work.”

There will be at least eight Health and Social Care courses available for up to 20 people. Those enrolled on the free course who finish it will be guaranteed a job interview in that sector at the end.

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Orangebox already work with BCG Care Homes and Orchard Lodge in that area and are looking for more employers to be on board.

Mr Corbett added: “Working off our 65 per cent success rate who progress to employment, we would expect 104 people from a total of 160 – if that’s how many places are taken up – who finish the courses to gain employment.

“We are delivering accredited qualifications and giving them a guaranteed interview with a local employer through our strong links. We are all looking forward to working in Luton and helping those in that area of the country.”

Last year Luton was deemed to be one of the worst hit areas in the UK for unemployment and it is hoped this move will help that.

Orangebox prides itself on helping people develop new skills and gain employment through the funding it receives from colleges and primes. It has trained more than 2000 people since it started through a team of more than 30 trainers.

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For further information on the courses available check out


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