Orangebox is heading back over to Dubai ????

Orangebox is heading back over to Dubai to work with our two fantastic clients Dubai English Speaking College and Nord Anglia Education.

We will be working with a team of middle leaders and a number of talented musicians where the focus will be on how to communicate confidently and effectively and how to deal with anxiety and nerves.

Our ever-popular flagship course Dynamic Deliveries is the perfect solution. A course that is flexible to deal with any sector regarding effective communication and still proves to be our most sought after course in business and education.

If you are in Dubai or the middles east looking for a truly outstanding course around communicating effectively and confidently with your team/clients then look no further. Alternatively, if you are a school it is one of the most effective professional development course for any admin/teacher/headteacher/management in an educational setting.

For more information please contact the team on:

☎️01429 874530

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