Orangebox has delivered 100% retention…

Over a 4-week profile for NEETs (16yo to 24yo). Having heard what the learners wanted and in addition to training them, this week, all of them are in work experience in “their” preferred industry of choice (not where we told them to be)!

However, we couldn’t achieve this without the support of local businesses…

Two lads with an Interest in Car Sales are living the dream in “Drive Vauxhall Hartlepool” Another with an Interest in Vehicle Mechanics, is enjoying a week with “TonesCars Hartlepool

A young girl told us she had an interest in Business Administration and is thriving at “Harbour Support Services

Orangebox Training – Neets Programme

With an interest in Retail, we have one young person in “The Protein Superstore, Hartlepool”, with a huge grin on his face.

Two others will be in “Travis Perkins” for a week and will be Interviewed by “Keyline Building Supplies” early next month.

At Orangebox, we listen to our learners and when we listen, we learn! On behalf of your local community, Orangebox would like to thank all of these businesses above, for providing this opportunity for these young people.

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