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a primary aged schoolboy sits with his teacher in a one to one maths session . He is tossing a big dice used to add fun to the maths that he is struggling with .

Our educational offer here at Orangebox is very important to us, so much so we will be releasing new courses and dates soon for EYFS and KeyStage. 

Today we are running our popular EYFS course ‘The Role of the Adult in EYFS’ with 10 educational professionals, learning from the vastly experienced ex-headteacher Leslie Patterson of Finding the Magic in the Early Years.

We will be announcing more Early Years courses for settings and schools to tap into, especially when the authority offer is getting less and less. We try and only offer exceptional quality at a cost that fits tight budgets.

If you would like to know more about our next ‘Role of the Adult in EYFS’ please get in touch by:

☎️ 01429 874530

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