Substance Misuse

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Substance Misuse

The NHS Live Well website offers comprehensive information on addiction and dependency, including advice on seeking help, treatment options, and local support services.

Talk to Frank
Talk to Frank provides honest information about drugs and their effects, as well as confidential advice and support for individuals struggling with drug misuse. The website also includes a helpline for those who need assistance.

UK Addiction Treatment Centres (UKAT)

UKAT is a network of private addiction treatment centres in the UK. Their website provides information on addiction, treatment options, and resources for those seeking help.

Alcohol Change UK

Alcohol Change UK is a national charity dedicated to reducing the harm caused by alcohol misuse. The website offers information, support, and resources for individuals and families affected by alcohol-related issues.


Adfam provides support for families affected by drug and alcohol use. The organization offers information, resources, and a helpline to assist families in understanding and coping with the impact of substance misuse on their lives.

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