Radicalisation and Hate

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Educate Against Hate

Educate Against Hate is a government-backed website in the UK that provides information and resources for parents, teachers, and school leaders to help protect children from radicalization and extremism. It offers guidance on recognizing signs and preventing radicalization.


Prevent Tragedies

Prevent Tragedies is a website that aims to raise awareness about the risks of radicalization and the potential impact of terrorism. It provides information for individuals, families, and communities on recognizing signs and reporting concerns.


Hope Not Hate

Hope Not Hate is an advocacy group working to counter racism, extremism, and hate. Their website provides information, research, and campaigns aimed at building communities that reject hate and extremism.


True Vision

True Vision is a police-led initiative in the UK that provides information on hate crime and how to report it. The website offers resources to raise awareness about hate crimes and supports victims in reporting incidents.


Counter Terrorism Internet Referral Unit (CTIRU)

The CTIRU is a unit within the UK police that focuses on removing terrorist and extremist content from the internet. While not a support service per se, it plays a role in countering the online spread of radicalization.


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