Criminal and Sexual Exploitation

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Stop the Traffik

Stop the Traffik is a global organization that works to prevent human trafficking and exploitation. Their website provides information, resources, and campaigns to raise awareness about human trafficking and modern slavery.

The Salvation Army – Anti-Trafficking and Modern Slavery

The Salvation Army in the UK runs programs to support victims of human trafficking and modern slavery. They offer safe houses, counseling, and practical assistance to those affected by exploitation.

NSPCC – Child Trafficking Advice Centre (CTAC)

The NSPCC’s Child Trafficking Advice Centre (CTAC) provides information and support for professionals working with children who may be victims of trafficking or exploitation. They offer guidance and resources to help safeguard and support these children.

The Sophie Hayes Foundation
The Sophie Hayes Foundation focuses on supporting survivors of human trafficking and exploitation. They provide education, training, and employment opportunities to help survivors rebuild their lives.

Survivors’ Network

Survivors’ Network is an organisation that provides support to survivors of sexual violence and abuse. While not exclusively focused on exploitation, they offer counselling, advocacy, and support services for individuals who have experienced sexual trauma.

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