New Course : De-escalation or Team Teach Training

In our Innovation Centre, Training Room 1 today we had our wonderful trainer Jemma delivering ‘De-escalation Awareness Training for the Care Sector.

Jemma comes vastly experienced in this field holding a position of custody coordinator for Cleveland Police for many years. Obviously now plying her trade now as employability and de-escalation/team teach Trainer.

Explores the many forms of challenging behaviour and promotes the ability to resolve conflict through interpersonal skills rather than force. Our training in the subject of managing difficult behaviours and aggression based on the principles of positive behavioural support, pro-active and responsive strategies and de-escalation. It is a person centred approach suitable for both adult and child environments and adapts to fits all forms of environments and behaviours.

This will be a great course for the Care Sector and Educational Sector – at only £325 for a 3-hour awareness.
More information can be obtained by contacting the office on:

☎️01429 874530

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