NEW: Cognative Behaviour Therapy

As part of our ever-expanding #educational offer we can now deliver Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and De-escalation Training to schools. This will educate staff and teacher on this #important issue we find on a regular basis in this day and age.

?Cognitive Behaviour Therapy – 1 Day Course for Schools

A recent study, involving researchers from Oxford, in collaboration with the Universities of Bath, Cardiff, and Exeter, suggests that #anxiety prevention programmes given to Year 5 pupils in school significantly reduce anxiety symptoms. Moreover, it highlights that such lessons benefit all children, regardless of their initial anxiety level.

Lessons in #CBT involve teaching children how to identify and manage their emotions, replacing their anxious thoughts with more helpful ways of thinking. It also involves developing their problem-solving skills to better confront and cope with anxiety-provoking situations and events.

The research says anxiety in children is very common and impairs their day-to-day lives as well as increasing the risk of severe mental health disorders in adulthood. It mentions previous research that suggests that by the age of 16, 10 percent of children are affected by an anxiety disorder.

Topics covered:

▪️Introduction- To the topic 
▪️Happiness- Perspective, personalities, self fulfilling prophecy- exercise 
▪️Cycles of thoughts and feelings 
▪️Thinking styles and errors- exercise 
▪️How to change mood -exercise 
▪️Behaviour- adapting, recognising, mindfulness 
▪️Barriers to change – and how to deal with them
▪️Conclusion and reflection

?De-escalation Training

Do you ever stop and think about the language you use when talking about challenging children in your school?

Changing that language in our school can be tough – it can be so ingrained stemming naturally from frustration.

The goal of this course is to educate school staff in the proper use of #deescalation strategies in properly managing student behavior. Topics covered

▪️Challenging Behaviour
▪️Reasons for Challenging Behaviour
▪️Communication Activities
▪️Communication Skills
▪️De-escalation Skills
▪️Physical Tips/Breakaway

For more information or to book onto this course please contact the team on:

☎️ 01429 874530

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