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This qualification is designed for learners aged pre-16 and above. The qualification is intended to be accessible to a wide range of learners of all abilities. Learners can develop a more ‘hands on’ approach to their learning and gain practical skills, knowledge and understanding in their chosen vocational area(s). The skills, knowledge and understanding gained may help learners prepare for work through real or simulated work situations and may contribute to preparing them for working life beyond education. The qualification is intended to give learners a solid base from which to further develop their skills and learning.

Optional units

  1. Principles of Woodlands, Forestry and Ecology (H/602/3963)
  2. Floristry Techniques (F/504/9315)
  3. Garden Horticulture Skills (H/504/9274)
  4. Developing Practical Floristry Skills (A/504/9572)
  5. Understand How To Cultivate Herbs (A/505/5453)
  6. Understanding How To Grow Fruit and Vegetables (L/505/3304)
  7. Farm Conservation (T/505/5466)
  8. Performing Brickwork Operations (F/505/5468)
  9. Electrical Installation Methods, Wiring and Circuit Protection (H/505/5477)
  10. Assist in Motor Vehicle Maintenance (L/602/1592)
  11. Safe Tractor Operation (H/503/3303)
  12. Knowledge of Motor Vehicle Fault Finding (H/505/5480)
  13. Introduction To Motor Vehicle Maintenance and Repair (F/505/1923)
  14. Developing Cooking Skills (K/504/9602)
  15. Cooking With Meat, Fish and Vegetables (T/505/5452)
  16. Developing Good Practice Skills for Use in the Kitchen (R/505/3286)
  17. Create a Radio Programme (F/505/5454)
  18. Music Technology Hardware and Software (R/505/5457)
  19. Digital Photography (L/505/5456)
  20. Awareness of Employment in the Creative Media Sector (R/504/5186)
  21. Developing a Design for an Interior (M/505/5465)
  22. Develop and Adapt Soft Furnishings Ideas Creatively (D/505/5476)
  23. Planning a Multipage Website (K/505/5478)
  24. Creating a Multipage Website (Y/505/5475)
  25. Communication Skills for Business (M/504/9357)
  26. Understanding Office Procedures (D/505/5459)
  27. Carrying Out Office Procedures (Y/505/5458)
  28. Using Email (D/505/3310)
  29. Word Processing Software (M/505/3313)
  30. Reception, Billing and Cashier Procedures for Front Office Staff (Y/504/9448)
  31. Business Organisation Structures (A/504/7823)
  32. Cash Up in a Retail Environment (A/505/2309)
  33. Keep Stock On Sale at Required Levels in a Retail Environment (J/505/2345)
  34. Understanding Security and Loss Prevention in a Retail Business (K/505/5464)
  35. Process Customer Orders for Goods in a Retail Environment (M/505/2341)
  36. Taking Part in Sport (Y/505/1331)
  37. Personal Physical Fitness (H/505/1333)
  38. Understanding Careers in Leisure and Tourism (J/505/3303)
  39. Understanding the Leisure Industry (K/504/9597)
  40. Understanding the Tourism Industry (H/505/3308)
  41. Understanding Airline and Airport Operations (K/504/8028)
  42. Understanding the Work of a Resort Representative (F/505/5471)
  43. Hotel Reservations (L/504/9446)
  44. Shampoo and Condition the Hair and Scalp (R/505/1859)
  45. Apply Skin Tanning Techniques (M/505/5479)
  46. Problem Solving in the Workplace (F/505/4675)
  47. Working in a Team (D/505/1508)
  48. Keep Work Areas Clean in Logistics Operations (F/601/7913)
  49. Develop Effective Working Relationships With Colleagues in Logistics Operations (H/601/7919)
  50. Moving And/Or Handling Goods in Logistics Operations (J/601/7914)
  51. Receive Goods in Logistics Operations (K/601/7923)
  52. Pick Goods in Logistics Operations (R/601/7916)
  53. Keep Stock at Required Levels in Logistics Operations (T/601/7911)
  54. Wrap and Pack Goods in Logistics Operations (Y/601/7917)
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