Manic Mondays

#Mondays are always very busy here at Orangebox and today is no different. We have a busy number of #Commercial and #Employability courses. So far what we have running:

? Commercial
▪️21st October – Food Hygiene Awareness
▪️21st October – Paediatric First Aid
▪️22nd October – Fire Marshal

? Employability
▪️21st October – Warehousing Academy in Sunderland
▪️21st October – Warehousing Academy in Grimsby
▪️21st October – Warehousing Academy in Bradford
▪️21st October – Working Alternatives in Darlington

If you would like to hear what #Orangebox could offer you or your business then please give me a ring on 01429 874530 or by emailing glen@orangeboxtraining.

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