Orangebox Training are now able to offer the #business #education and #public sector access to courses in MS Excel that is face to face training, at your place of work or our own training room. The training will be offered at 3 bespoke levels and each level will be run via a 1 Day Course.

?? Microsoft Excel Training ??
£750 per cohort [10] or £90pp

? Basic
? Intermediate
? Advanced

? Opening Excel Spreadsheet
? Understanding the menus
? Understanding / Customising the components of the Ribbon
? Understanding / Customising the QuickAccess Toolbar
? Basic use of the spreadsheet
? Structure of a spreadsheet
? Entering and modifying text, numbers
? Basic formatting 
? Using basic formulae
? Shortcuts to navigate around a spreadsheet
? Basic filtering and sorting
? Creating and modifying basic charts
? Printing spreadsheets / areas in a spreadsheet
? Using predefined Excel templates

Beyond the basics (intermediate)
? Using more advanced paste options (e.g. paste special)
? Using more advanced formatting options including locking / hiding cells, basic conditional formatting
? Creating and editing lists, and using data validation
? Importing data and saving data in different formats
? More advanced options to filter and sort
? Creating and editing pivot tables
? Using more functions

Beyond the basics (advanced)
? More advanced use of conditional formatting
? Use of Lookup and Reference functions
? Use of Text and Logical Excel functions
? Introduction to other advanced Excel functions
? Tips and techniques on structuring more complex models (error checking, linking across tabs and spreadsheets, multiple users)
? Basic use of Excel Macros

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