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Care Support Worker – South Shields

Job Overview

A great opportunity for anyone who may find themselves unemployed or earning national minimum wage who would like to work in the Health and Social Care sector.

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JOB TITLE: Support Worker
REPORTING TO: Manager / Nurse/ Senior Care
 The care assistant is responsible for carrying out tasks delegated by the Nurse in charge of the floor, and
senior support workers; always to be overseen by the nurse.
 To actively seek to empower service users to gain and maintain control over all aspects of their lives.
 Recognise the service user’s strengths, abilities and skills and seek to maximise their development and use.
 Ensure meaningful involvement of service users is central to all activities, applying equal opportunities and
anti-discriminatory policies and ensuring rights to privacy and confidentiality.
 To support service users to meet their personal care needs in a way that respects the dignity of the individual.
 To help in the care of the service user’s physical environment and in the general day to day activities of the
 To know and support the main aims and values of the Home and understand and implement the Home’s
policies and procedures.
 To work, for part of the time, on a one-to-one basis with service users who may or may not have challenging

 To assist/support activities of daily living, following care plans set out and reviewed by the Nurse
 To complete documentation and charts in place such as fluid and food chart, following policies and
procedures; reporting to the Nurse any concerns re – this and changes.
 Reporting any variants or changes in the clients’ presentation/care needs to the Senior Carer or Nurse.
 To support the service users to lead as full a life as possible. To organise activities for them, eg. handicrafts,
games, reading, outings, etc.
 To assist/ensure that the emotional, physical, medical and spiritual needs of the service users are recognised,
assessed and met, as far as possible.
 Assist services users, where required, on issues such as budgeting, life skills, taking due care and diligence.
 To fulfil the role of key worker and encourage the service users in taking decisions in matters which affect
their lives. Contribute to service users care plans, with attention to individual’s progression, development and
 To contribute to the assessment of need of each service user in conjunction with the service user, relevant
professional agencies and, where appropriate, the service users’ family.
 To assist in developing and carrying out an appropriate Care Plan which provides a satisfactory quality of life
for that person, carrying out that programme and recording any appropriate information relating to same. To
report to senior staff any action/recommendations which have not been carried out.
 To assist in carrying out risk assessments appertaining to individuals and activities, and to ensure that all risk
assessment proposals are carried out.
 To take responsibility for Health & Safety issues, eg. reporting any dangers to self and others, etc.
 To assist service users who need help with dressing, undressing, bathing and the toilet in a dignified manner.
 To help service users with mobility problems and other physical disabilities including incontinence. Assisting
with use and care of aids and personal equipment.
 To prepare meals and ensure that good standards of food presentation are maintained, and that good
standards of hygiene and cleanliness are maintained.
 To help with serving meals and assisting service users where necessary. Helping to clear away the dishes
afterwards. To make drinks, or help residents make drinks, when required. Clear away and wash up
 To inspect, mend, launder and iron service users clothing or supervise them doing same if appropriate.
 To answer door and telephone and greet visitors in an appropriate manner.
 To assist professionals, eg. nurse, physiotherapist, chiropodist if necessary.
 To maintain clear and accurate records of work practice within established record keeping and confidentiality
 To read all relevant communications, sign, and carry out instructions.
 To report incidents to residents, staff or visitors to the Senior Care on duty, who will record it in the Accident
 To care for residents’ property and that belonging to the Home as directed.
 To care for equipment and report any defects to the Manager.
 To clean up spillage’s as they occur using appropriate equipment supplied and as specified in the Control of
Infection Policy.
 To adhere to all aspects relating to confidentiality and not discuss the Company, service users, or other
information which is acquired via the job, with others not connected to or who have no right to the
 To be a good team player and work constructively with colleagues and managers. Contribute positively to
meetings such as supervision, appraisal and team meetings and training events.
 To report any situations/concerns immediately to management.
 To be flexible and work to the benefit of service users, and to assist with any other duties if required.

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