Care Assistant – Hartlepool

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Job Overview
Job Role: Community Support Worker/Care Assistant

Course: 9:00am till 4/4:30pm Monday 10th – Wednesday 26th May – 13 Days

Course Address: Orangebox Training Centre/Focus Removals, Mainsforth Terrace, Hartlepool TS25 1NR

Course: Preparing to work in adult social care L2 then 3 days non reg employability

Hours for Role: Full time and Part time – Shift work – must be flexible

Pay: Starting at 8.91 – 11

Job Description:

To undertake care/support work with the sensitivity required to provide services in a way that preserves the dignity, privacy, choice, independence, fulfillment and rights of the people who use our services.

1. Delivering The Highest Standard Of Quality Care To All Service Users

1.1 To support service users to lead as independent a life as possible

1.2 To provide personal care and support to service users as detailed in their individual care/ support plan.

1.3 To adhere to the requirements laid out in the risk assessments and care/ support plans to ensure that the service user lives as safely as possible in their own home.

1.4 To prepare meals, ensuring a balanced diet, undertake household and cleaning tasks, social interaction and any other tasks outlined in the care/ support plan.

1.5 To dress appropriately for the post in accordance with the Company Dress Code.

1.6 To develop good communication and develop effective working relationships with service users and others.

1.7 Be willing to work within service users own home, accepting the different environments and varying capabilities of service users.

1.8 To encourage service users independence while ensuring dignity, choice and respect at all times.

2. Supporting the Company Office and Its Performance

2.1 To ensure that any Health and Safety issues are reported immediately.

2.2 Ensure accurate and full records are kept for each service users.

2.3 To deliver flexible care and support for service users who require this.

2.4 To liaise with peers and other professionals as required and appropriate.

2.5 Where required, assist to ensure that all care visits are attended.

2.6 To report any concerns, complaints or safeguarding/ protection issues.

2.7 To attend staff meetings, training, supervisions and appraisals where necessary.

3. Supporting Stakeholders and Their Requirements

3.1 To attend and participate in case conferences and reviews as and when required.

3.2 To alert Managers/Quality Officers/Company Office Staff to any changes in the service users condition or circumstances.

3.3 Take responsibility for the safe handling of property and equipment belonging to the service user.

3.4 Be available and willing to undertake any other tasks specified by line management relevant to the role and to the needs of the service user..

3.5 To communicate effectively with all peer groups

4. Occasionally, you may be required to

4.1 Undertake other duties as requested by your Line Manager

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