Introducing our NEW EYFS course… ?’The Role of the Adult in EYFS’?

In partnership with Finding the Magic in the Early Years and delivered by Leslie Patterson.

21st May 2019
9:30 till 3:30
Innovation Centre

Putting the focus back on children and making them leaders in their own learning shifts the adult’s role away from being a teacher and more to a facilitator. It’s a subtle change but an immensely powerful one. No longer is the adult the Knower. No longer are children ’empty’. Instead, we enter their ‘ether’ engaging in play, creating alongside them, conversing and collaborating as an equal. We begin to hear the ‘languages’ of children and not our own.

This course will

? What does our day at work look like?
? The particular learning developmental issues for young children
? Roles and responsibilities 
? A look at relationships, climate, environment, contact and non-contact time
? How do we optimise children’s learning in the classroom?
? What does the EYFS say about the adult?
? What should we be observing?
? How do we make valid observations?
? How can the learning environment support observation?
? Making the decision to intervene
? Ways to interact
? Use of questioning
? Professional considerations to enable observation and interaction

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