Extensive Fully Funded Course List

Our Government #FullyFunded Level 2 #Accredited course list is more extensive than it’s ever been before, with new courses such as:

? Mental Health First Aid
? LGBT Inclusion in the Workplace ?️‍?
? Digital Skills
? Adverse Childhood Experiences

Completely fully funded, whether you are unemployed or employed doesn’t matter as long as you are over 19 years old, lived in EU/England last 3 years, and not currently in education.

The course is carried out in your own time via an online platform or a paper-based system. Unfortutently due to Covid-19 we can only offer the Online Learning Platform. Once complete you will receive a nationally accredited qualification by #NCFE #CACHE. All courses are delivered by the Learning Curve Group.

To #enroll or for more information contact Liam on:

☎️01429 874530

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