Essential Training for Schools – Supporting Pupils at School with Medical Conditions

We are happy to announce we are now taking booking for our new course ‘Supporting Pupils at School with Medical Conditions’ which is tailored to schools and the education sector.

This specialist course has been developed by our trainer, Diane Blankley an experience education adviser and ex Primary Headteacher.

Managing Medications was superseded in 2014 with Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions. Recent Ofsted briefing papers have mentioned this notifying inspector to look out for updated policies. Many schools are currently operating old policies.

This course will cover everything you need to cover you and your school in any situation such as an Audit or Ofsted Inspection. It’s also a great refresher for any staff.

Any whole school booking will include an initial chat with the trainer to tailor the course. The course will also issue the setting with a draft policy to allow any school to comply with current legislation.

Call Glen on 01429 874530 or email

























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