Engie, Graduate Management Talent Pool

Here’s more fantastic feedback from the recent training courses delivered to the Engie, Graduate Management Talent Pool.

“I’ve spent the last two days completing the Dynamic Deliveries course by OrangeBox Training Solutions, and what a learning curve it has been!! I now have the invaluable tools to communicate confidently and be engaging whether talking to senior management on a 1-2-1 basis, or presenting to an auditorium. I truly cannot recommend this course enough – the improvement I’ve seen in myself and other participants over the past two days is incredible. As a member of the graduate scheme I have attended A LOT of training in the past three months. I can honestly say that the delivery and execution of this course is second to none! Thank you Simon Corbett and Shaun Hope for such a valuable and inspirational experience”

Della, Engie


“What a journey! The Dynamic Deliveries course, led by Simon Corbett and Shaun Hope, has given me invaluable tools to overcome all of the obstacles and hurdles (that we all face/fear) surrounding presentations and successful communication. Role models for the ENGIE grads!”

Rianne, Engie


“Led by Simon Corbett and coached by Shaun Hope, the 2 days workshop on dynamic deliveries didn’t fail to produce brilliant result across the whole group. And what a journey it has been! If you’re struggling with anything, Orange Box has got your solution. Don’t hesitate any longer and go see for yourself what the hype is all about :)”

Valentina, Engie


“I have just finished Dynamic Deliveries training with Orangebox, where we learnt how to communicate effectively. Having gone in thinking I knew how to communicate well, I now have a lot more tools in my box when presenting a point and delivering a message with confidence, all thanks to Simon Corbett and Shaun Hope. I strongly recommend that everyone attends this course if you have the chance, it’s eye opening!”

Charlotte, Engie



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