Dynamic Deliveries feedback

We recently delivered two courses to the Graduate Management Talent Pool at Engie, Kings Yard, London. The course received some fantastic feedback, please see below:


“I was lucky enough to spend the past couple of days completing Dynamic Deliveries by run by OrangeBox training solutions. Simon Corbett and Shaun Hope’s continuous and dedicated support throughout was incredible, and the fact of that every single one of us on the course, even the most nervous, became confident presenters at the end of just two days is absolutely no coincidence, these guys really know what they are doing. It’s difficult to stand out in such a crowded market but this course is head and shoulders above all other courses I’ve attended and I really hope Simon and Shaun are proud of that. Thank you very much guys, I’m sure the tips and insight you gave me will stay with me throughout my career, and I’ll definitely contact you for a pep talk before my next big presentation”

Callie, Engie

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