Dynamic Deliveries – Effective Communication

21st June 2019
Innovation Centre,
Hub1 Training Room
TS25 5TG

?’Dynamic Deliveries’?
Are you working with a senior leadership team that could benefit from learning how to add credibility and gravitas to any speaking situation?
Is there anyone in your team that would like to find ways to increase their ability to influence when speaking or are you personally wishing to adapt your natural speaking style to connect with any audience.
Dynamic Deliveries is great for teachers, NQT or within the middle management training portfolio.

The course will benefit the learner by giving;
?Greater confidence when presenting/teaching
?New techniques to enhance your existing presentation skills
?The ability to interpret and engage your audience
?The opportunity to practice and assess your current strengths and presentation skills
?Practical techniques and strategies for presenting with greater impact and convictions

If you would like to inquire about this course for your school please get in touch with Glen.

☎️ 01429 874530

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