Corporate Learning and Development

2020 is the year to develop and modernise your corporate training. Orangebox Training understands the rapid changes in available learning and development strategies are evolving faster than ever. It’s time for companies to move away from that ‘one size fits all’ mentality and use bespoke training to free up valuable time and money.

The World As We Know It

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In today’s world, it often feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day. This means that training and development are often pushed aside in favour of work. Development can be seen as less important than day-to-day responsibilities, especially when there are targets to meet and metrics that depend on performance.

A trend for 2019 was ensuring that your company has a positive learning culture. The focus is still much the same for 2020. Therefore, it’s important to get executives, managers, and supervisors involved in the planning of your strategy. They need to understand the need for development, be confident in the resources available and be invested in supporting their teams through their development journey within your company.

Support Professional Development

Often, employers place their focus on compliance training and allow employee development to fall to the wayside. There is a common misconception that development opportunities take time and money that businesses can’t justify spending.

However, not all training and development opportunities carry extortionate time and money costs. With the wide availability of online training courses, books and free resources, there are always cost and time effective solutions.

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Additionally, there are so many benefits to investing in your employee’s development, that all businesses should consider it a priority. The benefits of investing in employee development include:

  • Improved performance, satisfaction and morale. Training will help to improve an employee’s skills, their confidence in their ability to perform their job, and will help them to feel challenged and supported. If you create a positive culture that places emphasis on training, your employees will feel valued and respected.
  • Reduced turnover. If you invest time and money in developing your existing employees, they will feel valued and more committed to your company. They will likely look internally for promotions and will feel like their future really matters. Hiring is expensive, so investing the money in your employees is worth it.
  • Enhanced reputation for your business. The more you show you invest in your employees, the more candidates you’ll attract when hiring. You’ll develop a positive reputation as a company that supports and values its employee

3. TNA [Training Needs Analysis] in Learning and Development

As mentioned above, hiring costs time and money. Therefore, once you’ve found the perfect employee, it’s important to show you’re invested in them.

While all employees will have to undergo the same compliance training, it’s important to show you’re invested in their personal and professional development by tailoring their learning. One-size-fits-all or off the shelf training will not inspire commitment to your organisation.

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Therefore, to boost your learning and development strategy this year, you should begin customising your learning opportunities. Orangebox Training always offers TNA’s or Training Needs Analysis for all its corporate training. This is because customisable learning and development will help you provide your employees with the tools needed to progress through your organisation and succeed in their roles and be relevant and cost-effective.

Customising your learning goes hand in hand with investing time and money in supporting your employee’s personal and professional development. The more effort you put into supporting your employees’ careers within your company, the more committed, satisfied, innovative and productive they will be.

Speed and Ease of Access

As mentioned above, there’s a common misconception that development opportunities take time and money that businesses can’t justify spending.

In reality, technology has made it easier than ever to find learning solutions that are time and cost-effective, and that can easily fit around your employees’ day-to-day duties. Therefore, you should streamline your learning and development strategy this year by looking for alternatives, that will continue to provide you with high-quality learning and save you time and money.

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Consider online training courses (or e-learning distance learning courses) as an excellent way for your employees to learn at their own pace, wherever and whenever it suits them.

Additional benefits include:

  • Cutting transport costs to and from a learning venue.
  • Avoiding the risks of employees missing training due to absences.
  • The ability to buy courses in bulk, allowing for greater discounts.
  • Consistent content for everyone.
  • Ability to track your employees’ progress to keep on top of your legal duties.
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Investing in learning and development will provide you with a wealth of organisational benefits, including boosting morale and productivity across your business. However, this doesn’t just mean money. Take the time to properly think about your strategy, where can you cut costs, save staff time and support them in their development.

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