#ChildrensMentalHealthWeek 1-7th February 2021

#ChildrensMentalHealthWeek 1-7th February 2021

This course is such a fantastic resource to have for any parents, teachers or adults who would like to know a little more about Mental Health in Children.

A recent learner who completed this course said:

Year3 Teacher – Durham School
“This course was invaluable to me. I carried out this course to help give me an insight into the many issues children may be facing. Having now completed this course I feel like it has equipped me with an excellent set of skills to be able to spot early warning signs and it gave plenty of practical examples of how you can help support young children and their families through their most difficult time.”

Obviously, during this pandemic, it is more relevant in every aspect and we feel this is a great resource to be able to do that.

Children and Young People Mental HealthLevel2 NCFE/CACHE
6 weeks to complete
?Understand Children and Young People’s Mental Health in Context
?Understand Factors Which May Affect Children and Young People’s Mental Health
?Understand Children and Young People’s Mental Health Concerns
?Understand the Impact of Children and Young People’s Mental Health Concerns
?Understand how to Support Children and Young People with Mental Health Concerns

Fully Funded with no cost at all, funded by the Adult Education Budget and delivered by Learning Curve.

To enroll on this course contact:
01429 874530

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