Care Assistant – Luton

Job Role: Care Assistant Course: 9:00am till 4/4:30pm Monday 26th – Wednesday 12th May – 13 Days
Course Address: TBC Course: Preparing to work in adult social care L2 then 3 days non reg employability
Hours: Shift work – must be flexible Pay: Starting at 8.91 – 11 Job Location: Luton

Job Description:
1. To ensure that service users physical and emotional needs, comfort and dignity are met
2. To assist seniors in the performance of their duties as requested
3. To encourage and facilitate service users to participate in leisure pursuits and maintain interests to assist in ensuring their social and emotional needs are met
4. To report and record the well-being of service users
5. To participate in assessment and evaluation of service users care and welfare
6. To work as care partner to a group of service users
7. To ensure service users clothing and toiletries are adequate to meet their needs and wishes. To assist in addressing any identified deficiencies
8. To attend meetings as required by the home manager
9. To ensure that furniture and equipment used within the home is clean and used safely, reporting any faulty, equipment or appliances promptly.
10. To ensure that personal equipment of service users is kept clean and in good condition to include items such as wheelchairs, standing frames, hearing aids and glasses
11. To report any changes in service users physical or mental condition to the nurse or unit manager and maintain accurate records on all forms as required
12. To promptly reports complaints, concerns or safeguarding issues to the senior carer in charge, and to provide a contemporaneous record of any such event
13. To undertake cleaning duties as required including replenishing stocks of disposable items and exercising effective measures to exercise cost control at all times
14. To keep service users’ bedrooms clean and tidy at all times, including the arrangements for storage of clothing and personal items.
15. To assist in the cleaning and maintenance of communal areas of the home, and ensuring a safe environment is maintained
16. To ensure the principles of privacy and dignity are promoted though effective working as part of the team.
17. To answer the nurse call system promptly, and provide assistance as required
18. To provide personal care and attention to each service user, and to follow the activities of daily living in accordance with the plan of care
19. To assist service users with choosing food and drinks. Providing the required assistance with all dietary needs to ensure that service users remain well-nourished and hydrated

20. To promote the good reputation of the service and B C & G Care Homes. Ensuring that good relationships are developed and maintained with service users, their relatives and friends, and all external professionals and outside agencies
21. To promote and maintain good working relationships with all staff within the home, and to work to support conflict resolution, supporting a work’s atmosphere which promotes a high-quality experience for service users
22. To be courteous and polite at all times, and to present a professional image, adopting a neat, tidy and clean appearance at all times and wear the appropriate uniform provided by the company as required
23. To answer external telephone calls professionally and relay messages efficiently

Budgetary and Financial:
24. Ensure that all commodities used in and around the home are sensibly conserved.
25. Be aware of the need to manage and maintain budgets agree by the home manager or B C & G Care Homes Human Resources:
26. To assist in mentoring or inducting/training staff as required Marketing: 27. To participate in marketing activities as requested Training and Development:
28. To actively participate in the process of supervision, seeking opportunities for personal and professional growth
29. To undertake induction training and participate in training programmes which may be required to meet legislative or company requirements
30. To assist in mentoring or inducting/training of staff as directed

Health and Safety:
31. To uphold the homes’ security and safety precautions at all times
32. To comply with regulations in respect of Health and Safety at Work, COSHH, environmental health, Health and Social Care Act, fire procedures and any other relevant legislation. Reporting promptly and risks identified

Infection Control:
33. To read and implement the Company Policy and Procedure for Infection Control.
34. To ensure the appropriate segregation of waste material. That it is disposed of in accordance with current legislation and Company Policy and Procedure for Infection Control.
35. To assist in the cleaning of the Home as the need arises, particularly dining areas after meals and to support infection control e.g. cleaning up spills immediately.

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