Calling all Schools…

At Orangebox Training we always strive to meet our clients’ needs using our range of bespoke courses and training and we would be delighted to share our vision for this type of training with like-minded businesses especially in our hometown of Hartlepool.”


Orangebox Training now looks to cement its place in the northeast and its expansion into the educational sector in the region and  UAE.  Simon Corbet, Director said ‘will be delivering its flagship course, Dynamic Deliveries, to teachers in schools in the UAE once again.’


He explained: “Orangebox is currently working with two international schools in Dubai, delivering courses to groups of teachers to help build their confidence when it comes to communicating effectively in situations outside of the classroom.  The original training went so well that we are flying back out there in the coming weeks to deliver more of the training and look to cascade it out through the school’s trust network. The aim going forward is to build similar relationships with international schools and academies nationally, across Europe, tapping into the ongoing need for strong communicators within the education sector.


Orange box prides itself on making sure training is ‘enjoyable and memorable’ and has made an impact with new clients in business but also education. We work with many regional and local Trusts, Alliances and Academies to deliver mandatory training such as First Aid and management training for senior leaders. Our list of courses that make up our school offer is growing all the time and we are calling all schools to get in touch.


Glen Hughes said “I have lots of experience with school improvement from my time at Durham and Sunderland Authorities. Since joining Orangebox I plan to use that experience as well as my contacts to help grow our offer and help schools by offering high-quality affordable training.


Orangebox are excited to announce Forest School Training that any school or nursery can access to help enhance their outdoor provision. Glen, a Forest School Leader himself said: “Orangebox is lucky to have two highly experience Forest School Leaders in the team and collectively have over 20 years experience delivering forest school sessions.”


Orangebox is planning to start with the Level1 Introduction, then working our way to Assistant level2 and leader level3. As Orangebox work so closely with schools in the North East we are also planning study visits to the likes of Mindstretchers in Scotland and The Barn at Easington two great outdoor pioneers who we have great links too.


Orangebox is on the lookout for any other local business or schools to join forces and offer this service, so would love to hear from anyone by contacting the office on 01429 874530, emailing or visiting our website at

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