Business and Administration Knowledge

This nationally accredited certificate, which develops understanding of basic administration concepts and practices, is based on the business and administration national occupational standard.

Course Content

  • Develop understanding of basic administration concepts and practices
  • Review essential knowledge for daily and more complex administration tasks
  • Learn business and administration national occupational standards

There were an estimated 5.5 million private sector businesses in the UK at the start of 2013. Despite the recent economic difficulties, the trend has been a steady increase in the business population. Today’s global economy brings with it a wealth of new markets, shrinking profit margins and increasing operating expenses; the need for good business administration has never been greater.


  • Achieve a nationally recognised Level 2 qualification
  • Evidence your competency to employers
  • Further your personal and professional development
  • Learn at a time that suits you without the need to attend college
  • Gain relevant skills, knowledge and understanding, leading to improved experience for those using your services

What You Will Learn

  • Unit 1 – Principles of Providing Administrative Services
  • Unit 2 – Principles of Business Document Production and Information Management
  • Unit 3 – Understand Communication in a Business Environment
  • Unit 4 – Understand Employer Organisations
  • Unit 5 – Understand How to Develop Working Relationships with Colleagues

Eligibility Criteria

  • Learners must be aged 19 years or over (born before 1 September 1998)
  • A minimum number of 8 learners MUST be present for the induction (there is no maximum)
  • All learners must have been residing in the UK for the past three years and non EU/UK citizens must have documentary proof.


If you require any further information or would like to book a course please contact or telephone our office on 01429 874530

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