Blueline Taxi Employability Course a Huge Success

We have our very successful Blueline Taxi Employability Course taking place this week In Newcastle at Blueline Headquarters. This course offers a great way to get into the Taxi sector with a great company.

Through this process, we have managed to secure jobs for so many people with Blueline Taxis as drivers and call handlers.

We also have the 2nd week of our Peterlee Blueline Taxi Course taking place using in partnership with Miles For Men their training room. The first week was a great success, one learner even brought his pet snake ‘Hector’ in as part of his presentation.

We have new dates for Newcastle 27th August and Peterlee 20th August 2018 so make sure you call the team to register your place. Grab this opportunity to better yourself and your family by joining the Blueline family.

☎️ 01429 874530

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Blueline Management travel to Peterlee to speak to learners on the course and give them a BIG Blueline welcome. 

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