Blue Monday

We all know that January is a difficult month, recognised by the fact that today is known as ‘Blue Monday’ because it is officially the most depressing day of the year.

Kickstarting your year can sometimes be tough, and with the current COVID-19 situation, it is understandable that some are finding it more difficult than others. As employers, we all have a responsibility to look out for our staff, and since the start of the pandemic, the focus has shifted from physical wellbeing to mental wellbeing.

Realising this shift and the struggles that some people are facing we have online fully funded courses that you might find useful. Focussing on mental health and wellbeing these courses are suitable for everyone and delivered by Learning Curve.

Scarily, it has been reported that 70% of people feel that their mental health has deteriorated since the start of the pandemic, but we hope to go a little way to improve that by providing these free courses to encourage people to talk about and address mental health. Contact the team to find out more…


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