Basic Life Support

Our ?awareness courses are designed to reassure you and equip you with skills to calmly assess the situation and give the right first aid when an accident happens. Prompt and appropriate First Aid saves lives.

Our Basic Life Support is great for new and experienced Parents and Grandparents, they are extremely popular and as parents ourselves, we ensure we cover all the common first aid emergencies and empower you with confidence to help when it really matters.

Our courses are extremely practical with ample mannequins enabling you to gain hands-on experience to learn exactly what to do.

?3-hour awareness from £325+VAT per group or £35p

?Alternatively, we have a:

?2 day accredited Paediatric First Aid course for up to 12 learners from £895+VAT or £80pp on 29th -30th April.
?3 Day First Aid at Work course for up to 12 learners from £1250+VAT or £150pp ON 9th,10th, 11th April.

☎️01429 874530

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